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Warning: Your office coffee might just be the reason why your employees are tired and not performing as well.

How Higher Quality Coffee Can Save You Money, Make Your Employees More Motivated, and Turn Them Into Productivity Machines!


Do you want add REAL quality to your work breaks?


Do you want your team to perform BETTER and be more FOCUSED?


I am sure you have experienced exhausted employees at your workplace. They come in tired in the morning, do not perform as well as you know they could, and they look very forward to the lunch breaks. No matter how many cups of the usual, dull-tasting office coffee are consumed with sugar, the resulting crash will leave some employees even worse off, making them tired and less productive!

As the team leader and the one responsible for a coffee culture that increases productivity and adds to employees’ happiness, exhaustion and dissatisfied employees is the last thing you want to see.


High-quality coffee, the kind of coffee that sizzles your taste buds and leaves you wanting to have more, is a must-have at the office.


Christopher Bean Coffee has the solution you need.


What’s in it for you if you choose us?  


As president of Christopher Bean Coffee, here is my promise to you:


  1. FREE coffee service for a month for your business! This offer will make your employees realize how much they have been missing out on.

  2. We will objectively analyze your needs "from scratch." We'll tell you what kind of coffee and equipment will meet your business demands.

  3. Lower price guarantee! If you choose to work with us and give your employees the greatest coffee experience, I guarantee you the lowest rates in the coffee business.


It is pretty simple. The better your office coffee is, the better your employees will perceive their atmosphere (including you), which leads to better performance...while you are actually saving money!


Here is how we are different from the rest!


  • Nation-wide offices, hotels and restaurants have been profiting from our B2B coffee serving experience for almost two decades now!

  • We have no middle man! The coffee comes from our roaster directly to you to preserve freshness and unique flavor.

  • We are the only local roaster! This is how we can maintain the highest-quality coffee and bring it to you.


Why suffer with unproductive, underslept and overstressed employees that can barely enjoy their coffee and refreshment breaks?


Get in touch with our team at Christopher Bean coffee at (386) 257-2326 for a FREE consultation to find out how we can provide the highest-quality coffee for your business or shoot us an email at

Coffee Service and Espresso Machine Service includes but is not limited to Volusia County Florida.  Our local delivery service covers Edgewater Florida, New Smyrna Beach Florida, Port Orange Florida, South Daytona Florida, Daytona Beach Florida, Holly Hill Florida, Ormond Beach Florida, Deland Florida, Deltona Florida, Orange City Florida.

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